Charles Brampton, a tall spare-built fellow, rather knock-kneed, was born in Hyson Green in 1828 and is described as a framework printer and stockiner, but perhaps ‘printer’ should read ‘knitter’?

His Nottinghamshire debut was v England at Lord’s in 1854 and he played in 36 County games, the last being in 1867. A very reliable batsman, he normally opened the innings. Brampton could also bowl fast round-arm and was a sharp fielder at slip.

He was originally engaged for three seasons at Stourbridge, 1852-54, then the next four at Enville Hall, with Lord Stamford. In 1859 to 1861 he was at Lord’s, but in 1862 was engaged as coach at Marlborough College, playing some matches for Wiltshire under a residential qualification.

Brampton set up a thriving cricketing business in Marlborough and was elected to the Town Council. In a minor game in Devizes in 1882, he captured six wickets in seven balls.

He died in Marlborough in 1895.

December 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 77

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