Charles Frederick Daft’s cricket career is rather unusual in that he was six and a half years older than his famous brother, Richard, but made his debut in major Notts County matches four years after Richard.

His cricketing was chiefly with the Nottingham Commercial Club and he was both a member of that club’s committee and at one time secretary. Charles Daft played in the 1861 Notts Colts Match, though already aged 30, and made a such great impression both as a sound batsman and excellent fielder that he played for the county on a regular basis for 1862, 1863 and 1864, his final game being v Cambridgeshire in July of that year. He was born in Nottingham on June 8th, 1830 and resided for much of his adult life in Balmoral Road, Nottingham.

His main occupation was originally in the building trade, but he also ran a cricketers’ outfitters in Nottingham. In 1866 he captained Nottm Forest FC v Notts County. Charles Daft died in Nottingham on March 9th, 1915.