Emmanuel Vincent provides the first example of the strict rules that governed teams in the 1820s.

The Nottingham Review of August 1827 comments: 'Vincent, a very clever cricket player who distinguished himself last summer in two matches between Sheffield and Leicester, is barred playing in the two matches now pending between Sheffield and Nottingham, though having lived here (Nottingham) some time.'

Vincent was born in Sheffield in 1798 and was a scissorsmith by trade. He played for Sheffield from 1822. In 1828 he was allowed to represent Nottingham and played in seven First-Class games for the Club until 1832 before returning to Sheffield.

He played 20 First-Class matches, making 372 runs at 10.94 and a top score of 42, for Nottingham against his home club, Sheffield. He is credited with being an 'occasional' wicket keeper, though sufficiently often for him to claim 17 catches and 15 stumpings.

He then returned to Sheffield, his final game for his native town was in 1846. Emmanuel Vincent was born on 2 October 1798 in Sheffield and died there on 7 July 1860.


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Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 21