Francis Noyes in 1837 was described in the press as a monster who divided his time between his school and a gin-shop. In reply he threatened to sue for libel.

It was, however a fact that he appeared to combine the trade of a wine & spirit merchant with running a private school in Nottingham. Precise biographical details of Noyes are elusive and that, despite some intense digging by John Goulder.

In 1835 he married Ann Oliver in St Peter’s, Nottingham – the lady seems to have been married twice previously. As a cricketer Noyes has a personal slot in the game’s history as the only batsman to bat twice in each innings in a major county match – Notts v Hants at Southampton in 1843.

His cricket in Nottingham spans the period 1842 to 1845, but in 1848 he played for Notts at Brighton, at which time he seems to be living in London and was a member of Surrey.

In 1849 or 1850 he emigrated to San Francisco. Noyes had a horror of being out ‘stumped’ and always practised with a stout peg driven in the ground from which a cord was run and then tied around his ankle to prevent him moving out his ground.

The 1861 census finds his wife living in Station St, Nottingham and describing herself as a widow – perhaps Noyes died in America? His biography remains incomplete.