George Thorpe was born in Nottingham in or around 1781 and made his debut for the Nottingham Old Club in 1815 v XV of Barrow. His principal role appears to have been that of long-stop, a vital fielding position in the days of fast underarm bowling and wicketkeepers without gloves or pads, as his batting record, even allowing for the generally low scoring in the 1820s, was modest - 17 innings with one 'not out' and an average of under six.

He made his final appearance for the Old Club in 1926 v Sheffield & Leicester at Darnall.

‘Honest’ George Thorpe kept the Eagle Tavern in Garners Hill, Nottingham and was landlord of the Golden Fleece, Fisher Gate, when he died on 11 May 1847.

April 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 10