Henry Clinton Attenburrow had an outstanding debut for Notts. Playing against England at Trent Bridge in 1847 he took 10 wickets - no analyses are available in either innings.

He appeared in the press reports under the assumed name ‘K.Brown’, perhaps because it was not considered quite proper for a medical man on the staff of the Nottingham General Hospital to play in a professional cricket match.

He bowled under-arm in the style of Tom Warsop and appeared for Notts Amateurs at Trent Bridge.  His only other important Notts game was v Sheffield in 1848, when he took a further five wickets.

Attenburrow was one of the original members of the Royal College of Surgeons, qualifying in 1829 and becoming a Fellow in 1843. In the 1850s he retired to Jersey, dying on the island on September 25 1881, aged 74. He had sued several people for debt while in Jersey in 1854 and this puts his move to Jersey as prior to that year.

April 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 67

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