Isaac Johnson, a lace manufacturer, was a noted slow under-arm bowler, using a similar method to Clarke.

Born in 1808, he was a well-known figure in local cricket for many years and as the Nottingham Review noted in 1863, ‘There are none more deserving than the veteran of the (Commercial) Club, Isaac Johnson, who by his excellent play in the field as a batsman and bowler and not least by his urbanity, courtesy and geniality among his comrades, has won high and hearty esteem.’

He was President of Lace CC as well as Chairman of the Commercial Club. He died in Plumptre St, Nottingham in 1874.

He was a contemporary of John Johnson, whiich has led to some uncertainty about each player's records; the initials I and J being easily mistaken it is impossible to decide which Johnson appeared in which Nottingham match. However it is believed that Isaac played once in 1840 and and once in 1843.