John Day, born in Nottingham on 5 March 1812,  was only 17 when he first turned out for Nottingham in 1829, against Leicester.  His cricket was mainly played for the Old Club and it would appear that his expertise as a long-stop seems to have clinched his place in the side.  Certainly his record does not suggest otherwise - he played in eight matches between 1829 and 1835, with a highest score of just 13 from a meagre total of 85 runs at just 5.00, and no recorded bowling figures.  As late as 1868, his name is recorded for the Veterans v Trinity United match, a remarkable 33 years after his last major appearance.

Like a number of his colleagues he was a lacemaker by trade.  John Day was living in New Lenton in 1873 but had moved to Long Eaton by 1881; his death occured there in the third quarter of 1886.


July 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 23

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