After the Nottinghamshire team arrived at Clifton to play Gloucestershire in August 1891, Robert Bagguley was taken ill and John Griffiths was telegraphed for to fill his place.  Arriving on the second day of the match, Griffiths was not called upon to bat or bowl as, because of inclement weather, only two hours play was possible on the second and third days. He thus becomes the only Nottinghamshire First-Class player that did not bowl, bat or take a catch!

It appears sensible that, despite his apparent lack of involvement, Griffiths should be credited with an appearance in the match. It appears that his fielding was more than just as a substitute and that he would have batted and could have bowled if called upon to do so, and noting that Bagguley did not bat, bowl or field at all. Notts batted one player short in their first innings; Griffiths arrived in time to field and to be available for the second innings but was not required to bat.

Griffiths, born at Long Eaton in 1860 was employed by Messrs Shaw and Shrewsbury in their factory in Nottingham - perhaps the reason he was called up at short notice. His name is found in the team run by the factory and in the All Saints XI of Nottingham.

In 1892 he played in the Colts XXI v Nottinghamshire match, again having not originally been selected for the Colts nor as one of the reserves. However, when S. Whitt of Arnold failed to appear, Griffiths took his place. He batted twice, scoring 0 and 2 and did not bowl.

November 2023

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 219

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