Players' records from the early 19th Century are often incomplete and difficult to reconcile and thus it is with John Henson, who is, perhaps, the same John Henson who was married in Radford in 1828. Neither his birth date nor his death have been confirmed.

It is known that a player named J Henson appeared fairly often in local matches, primarily for the White Lion club, between 1830 and 1846.  The few games that we can be fairly certain that John Henson played included his one important match, for the Old Club v Sheffield in September 1834 in which he made 21no in his only innings. He was playing against the Old Club, for the Next XXII, four years earlier and his last appearance was apparently the Players v Gentlemen fixture at Trent Bridge in August 1846.


July 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 33