Jonas Bettison Warwick made his first appearance for Nottinghamshire v Hampshire at Trent Bridge in 1843, though his first recorded match was in Southwell, for the local club, in 1831.

Born in Woodborough and christened on 8 November 1803, he trained in the medical profession at St Thomas’s Hospital in London, being made an MRCS in 1828, and ran a practice in Southwell. Whilst there he served as doctor to the prison and workhouse and was frequently referred to for medical evidence in court trials; Warwick (his christening record is mis-spelt as Warrick) also wrote papers for The Lancet.

He was a playing member of the Southwell and Nottinghamshire County Clubs, based at Southwell, for many years - his last recorded match being for the Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire v I Zingari in June 1856 - and served both as secretary and captain of the County Club.

A good batsman and wicketkeeper, he was described by the Rev W Bedford in the following terms: ‘He was indeed a fine and finished exponent of the best form then in vogue and, but for the calls on his time involved by his being a country surgeon in a large practice, he would have been known to a far larger circle of cricketers’.

Warwick played five First-Class games for Notts, the last being in 1848, represented the North v the MCC twice and appeared for the Gentlemen of Southwell v England at the Brackenhurst ground in Southwell.  This latter game was played 'for the benefit of Mr Clarke' (many would argue that virtually every match that William Clarke was engaged in could be thus described) and finished early 'by concession' when the home team decided there was no possibility of avoiding defeat and 'the interest of the game was over'. In this match Warwick matched his then best First-Class score of just 11 and 'ran' for George Parr who was unwell; he also caught one and stumped one in the England innings.

In his eight First-Class games, he made 63 runs, and increased that top score by two to make 13 for Notts v Sussex; he took two catches and made three stumpings.

Jonas Warwick died at his home in West Gate, Southwell, on 9 August 1873 after a serious illness that lasted eight years.

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Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 53

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