Joseph Stockley (or possibly Stanley) Need, born in York St, Nottingham in 1819, and had a brief experience of County cricket.

He played once in 1841 and a second and last time in 1855. A good wicketkeeper, he was unable to compete with the expertise of Charley Brown, hence his short career at the top level.

A lacemaker he, like many Nottingham men, emigrated to Calais in 1859 and found himself appointed as pro to the Boulogne Cricket Club, where he built a great reputation. He returned to England in 1867, when he was a coach at Oxford, but retired after two seasons.

He moved to Dunkirk, Nottingham and remarried in 1892, just four months before his death. His son, Philip, was the pavilion keeper at Lord’s at the time of his father’s demise.