Thomas Blatherwick Redgate, another solicitor to play for Notts in the mid-19th Century, was born in Calverton on 6 August 1809.

His local cricket career was a long one - 1828 to 1865 - but from 1854 he played in the Newark area, having moved to Scarthing Moor, Weston, and having a legal practice in Tuxford, though ‘he relieves the monotony of his legal pursuits by the indulgence of a little farming’. His estate was some 60 acres and employed seven men and four boys.

Both his county matches were in 1840  and his total of two runs from four innings suggests he was right to concentrate on his legal work.  Thomas Redgate died in Calverton in February 1874.

April 2020

Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 42

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