William Woodward, thought to have been born in Radford and christened 26 November 1813, was a dependable batsman a reliable slip fielder and an occasional wicketkeeper. He is listed as playing in one game in 1829 on the Forest but his regular cricket came later, mainly for the Nottingham Old Club for whom he made his debut in 1830 against Sheffield.

On 1835 he played two games for the county XI, home and away against Sussex, and these were the last of his six First-Class matches.  In one of these he opened the batting but was run out without scoring - Woodward, thinking the ball had reached the boundary and considering it dead, left his ground, although it had not been in the hands of the wicketkeeper nor had the umpire called the runs; he was not alone in being unfortunate - the Sussex opener Baigent was run out backing up too far (nowadays called a 'Mankad' and generally frowned up) by Notts bowler Tom Barker, also without scoring.

In total, Woodward made 27 First-Class runs at 3.37 with a top score of 13, made against the Cambridge Town Club for Nottingham; behind the wicket, he caught one and stumped one. In 1839 he played in Calais a single-wicket match v R James, also of Nottingham, and this is Woodward's last recorded game.

William Woodward is believed to have emigrated to North America in about 1860 and is recorded as dying in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in 1862.

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Nottinghamshire First-Class Number: 27

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