In 1833, the Nottingham Old Club arranged a game at Ripon against ‘Twenty of Ripon, York, Wetherby, Bedale, Thirsk and other Clubs within thirty miles of Ripon’. The Nottingham Eleven made 76, Ripon made 52, then Nottingham 51 in their second innings. Ripon were 12-5 at the close of the second day. Overnight several Yorkshire supporters disputed a run out decision in the Ripon second innings and in the morning some of the local side refused to play on and the match was abandoned.

A fortnight later, the same Nottingham Eleven faced the next Twenty-two of Nottingham for £10 in a 4-day game on the Forest, which the Twenty-two won by two wickets, when their score was 123 for 19!

October 2020