The Committee’s report

Your Committee, in presenting the Annual Balance Sheet and Report for 1899, have pleasure in stating that mainly through the amount taken at the Match England v. Australia, and the large and gratifying increase in the amount of Subscriptions, the total income for the year was £4404 8s. 6d., as against £3446 18s. 5d. in 1898, being an increase of £957 10s. 1d. the total expenditure for the season was £2826 6s. 5d., thus showing a profit of £1578 2s. 4d. on the season’s working. This amount would have been considerably greater but for the wet weather which, for the third year in succession, prevailed at the Whitsuntide Match, Notts. V. Surrey, a misfortune which was repeated at the Match Notts. v. Australians, and one or two other of the most attractive Matches. The profit thus arising has been transferred to the Trent Bridge Ground Extension and Improvement Account, which account has been contracted for the completion of the stands round the Ground, the erection of the Ladies’ Pavilion, and new Dressing Rooms for the players (adjoining the Members’ Pavilion), the building of the Hall for the purpose of the players practicing in during the winter months, and several other minor additions and improvements on the Ground, the whole of which has during the last two years involved an outlay of £6564 16s. This may seem a somewhat heavy expenditure, but it was one of absolute necessity, and without which the England v. Australia Match certainly could not have been played at Trent Bridge, considering the scanty accommodation previously existing there. Of the above amount, £2206 14s. has already been paid off from profits, a fact which your Committee feel is a very gratifying one, and they hope that such a measure of support will be given to the Club to enable the balance of £4358 2s. to be reduced each year in the same proportion.

The Match England v. Australia was an attractive feature at Trent Bridge, and proved a great success. Your Committee are gratified to think that the arrangements they made on behalf of the Club for the carrying out of this important Match gave universal satisfaction to all who attended it.

Your Committee recognise with pleasure the efforts displayed by the Team in striving to place the Club in a higher position in the contest for the County Championship. They also congratulate Messrs. A. O. Jones, A. Shrewsbury, and W. Gunn for displaying such excellent form as to lead them to be selected in one or other of the Test Matches, England v. Australia.

The Committee, on behalf of themselves and the Club, have pleasure in expressing their sincere thanks to Mr. J. A. Dion for the very valuable services rendered to the Club as Captain, and also for the great interest taken by himn in the affairs of the Club generally.

Out of the 18 Matches played, two were won, four lost and 11 drawn.

Matches have been arranged for the season of 1900 as follows:- The usual Colts’ Match at Easter, Notts. v. Yorkshire Colts at Trent Bridge, Notts. v. South Africans and Notts. v. West Indian Team, both at Trent Bridge, fixtures which it is hoped may prove attractive, M.C.C. at Lord’s, and home and home Matches with Yorkshire, Lancashire, Kent, Middlesex, Gloucestershire, Sussex, Surrey, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. The latter is a new fixture, but, being neighbours, it is hoped will prove interesting. Your Committee endeavoured to arrange fixtures with Essex, but regret to say were unsuccessful, that County being unable to make fresh engagements for next season.

In consideration of the valuable and loyal services rendered to the County by A. Shrewsbury for a period of 26 years, they have decided he shall receive as a compliment half the net proceeds of the Notts. v. Surrey Match at Whitsuntide, when it is hoped that the proceeds will be such as to make the Benefit he received a few back, which realised £600 up to £1000.

Your Committee derive encouragement from the Ground Staff, and fully recognise the marked improvement of two of them (during last season), namely, J. Gunn and T. Wass. The following have been engaged on the Staff for next season:- T. Wass, C. E. Dench, P. Mason, J. Gunn, J. Atkinson, G. Gunn, A. Mauer, G. Featherstone, and H. Parry. It is hoped several of these may prove themselves useful to the Club.

The Committee wish to bring to the notice of young cricketers who are not subscribers the advantages to be derived by becoming Members, and so being entitled to practice at the Club and Ground nets.

Your Committee desire to convey their sincere thanks to the general Members of the Club for the kind assistance given them in promoting the welfare of the Club, and especially for their exertions in increasing the membership to the numbers it attained last season, namely, over 2200. They also wish to thank the Press for the generous treatment bestowed by them on the Club in all its doings, and for their co-operation and assistance at all times in promoting its best interests.

W. WRIGHT, Hon. Secretary.
H. TURNER, Secretary.

Picture: England cricket team at Trent Bridge 1899. Back row: Dick Barlow (umpire), Tom Hayward, George Hirst, Billy Gunn, J T Hearne (12th man), Bill Storer (wkt kpr), Bill Brockwell, V A Titchmarsh (umpire). Middle row: C B Fry, K S Ranjitsinhji, W G Grace (captain), Stanley Jackson. Front row: Wilfred Rhodes, Johnny Tyldesley.