The Committee’s report

Your Committee in presenting the Annual Balance Sheet and Report for 1902, feel that the former is satisfactory, when the bad weather which interfered with several of the home matches and also some unusual items of expenditure are taken into consideration.

In regard to the latter the committee, on behalf of themselves and the Club, express their thanks to Mr. A. O. Jones for his services as Captain during the past season, and whilst appreciating the efforts of the team generally, particularly recognise the performances of Shrewsbury and Wass, the former by his excellent batting placing himself at the head of the averages (in recognition of which performance, the subscribers have raised a sum of money to be presented to him as a testimonial); the latter, by his bowling, doing much towards placing the County in the improved position in the County Championship Competition.

Out of the 20 matches played six were won, three lost and eleven drawn; the County occupying third place in the Championship, a position not held for some years, a source of gratification to the Committee and Subscribers alike.

The Club and Ground matches again proved interesting and valuable in bringing out the capabilities of the younger members of the staff and other cricketers from various parts of the County. Twenty-three of these matches were played of which thirteen were won, three lost, and eight drawn. An efficient and slightly increased staff has been engaged for the coming season.

Your Committee had decided to give half the nett proceeds of the match Notts. v. Surrey as a Complimentary Benefit to W. Gunn, for the many years of valuable services he has rendered to the Club, but the weather being so unpropitious, interfered [greatly with the game and receipts, they therefore decided to postpone the benefit until the match v. Surrey in June next.

Your Committee have pleasure in informing the Members that the following matches have been arranged for the coming Season:- A Colts Match at Trent Bridge on April 29 and 30; a Match Colts v. Colts of Yorkshire at Barnsley; a Match Amateurs v. Professionals at Trent Bridge on the August Bank Holiday; a Match v. M.C.C. at Lords; and one v. Philadelphians at Trent Bridge. Also the following Home and Home Matches – Yorkshire, Lancashire, Kent, Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

The Committee hopefully regard the prospects of the coming season, and whilst heartily thanking the Members for the kind and liberal assistance given them in the past solicit a continuance of the same for the future. They also desire to thank the press for the courtesy and support shown by them to the Club on all occasions.

W. WRIGHT, Hon. Secretary.
H. TURNER, Secretary.