The Committee’s report

Your Committee present the Annual Balance Sheet and Report for 1903. They feel that in spite of a somewhat heavy deficit the state of the finances is not altogether unsatisfactory taking into account the bad weather that prevailed, and the heavy exceptional expenses of the year. A sum of £300 has been paid to William Gunn in connection with his benefit. The repairs have been extensive and costly during the year.

Of the 20 Matches played, six were won, four lost, and ten drawn, the County occupying fifth place in the Championship. Your Committee wish to express their appreciation of the efforts of the members of the team, and particular mention may be made of John Gunn (who scored over 1,000 runs and took over 100 wickets) and Iremonger. They also desire to thank Mr. Jones for his services as Captain, and it gives them great pleasure to take this opportunity of offering him their congratulations upon his marriage, and they feel sure that their vote of a Wedding Present out of the funds of the Club, will meet with cordial approval of all the Members.

The Club and Ground Matches were interesting and valuable in trying the capabilities of our young players. Twenty-seven of these matches were played, of which thirteen were won, four lost, one tied, and nine drawn. An efficient Ground Staff has been engaged for the coming season.

The Following Matches have been arranged for the next season:- A Colts match on April 25th and 26th; Notts. Colts v. Yorkshire Colts at Trent Bridge; a Match Amateurs v. Professionals on August Bank Holiday; a Match v. M.C.C. at Lord’s; and one v. South Africans at Trent Bridge. Also the following Home and Home Matches:- Yorkshire, Lancashire, Kent, Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire, the latter at Welbeck.

The Committee feel that they express the sentiments of the Subscribers in deeply regretting the severe loss the Club has sustained by the death of the late Mr. W. W. Hall – a valued colleague and generous supporter of Notts. Cricket. They also wish to place on record their deep regret at the Death of Arthur Shrewsbury, and their sense of loss which the team and Club has thereby sustained. For a period of twenty-eight years Shrewsbury occupied a commanding position, not only in County Cricket, but also wherever the game is played. His great performances secured the admiration of all who saw him at the wickets, while his unfailing modesty and irreproachable bearing on the field made him hosts of friends who deeply lament his untimely death.

The appeal made by the Committee of last season for Donations with a view to decreasing the heavy debt under which the Club is labouring, met with a generous response, a total of £1,128 14s. 6d. being realised; forty-four members also responded to the appeal for increased subscriptions, and the Committee have to express their warm thanks to all those Members who so readily came forward with their assistance. A debt, however, of £3,422 still remains, and it is sincerely hoped that further assistance may be forthcoming, both in the way of donations and also increased subscriptions, which the Committee will still be very glad to receive. A list of the donations and increased subscriptions already received is annexed.

The Committee look forward with confidence to the prospects of the coming season. At the same time, they remind all members of the increasing expenses of County Cricket, and wish to point out that a further increase in the number of Members is a more pressing necessity than ever.

Your Committee have given careful attention to the Championship Scheme proposed by Mr. Fry, and sent representatives to the meeting in London. Your Committee were prepared to support the Scheme under certain conditions, but in view of the fact that so many of the first-class Counties have declined to participate, your Committee feel that under such conditions the Scheme would fail to obtain its object, and have decided not to take fart during the coming season.

The Committee also desire to thank the Press for the courtesy and support given to the club.

W. WRIGHT, Hon. Secretary.
H. TURNER, Secretary.