The Committee’s report.

The committee beg to present the ANNUAL BALANCE SHEET AND REPORT for 1913.

Of the 20 First Class Matches played, 8 were won, 7 drawn and 5 lost, no play was possible in the match v. M.C.C. at Lords.

Wass and Iremonger rendered most useful service and worked hard, but another bowler is badly wanted to help them.

The batting of Geo. Gunn and John Gunn, was brilliant and consistently good through the season, the former making six centuries, two of them in the match v. Yorkshire, the second hundred being a most brilliant effort.

Mr. Carr, who played dashing cricket, proved himself a great addition to the side and showed promise of a great future. Lee made rapid progress and is one of the most promising young professionals in England.

Altogether the outlook for Notts. Cricket is very bright, the two drawbacks being the absence of another first-rate Fast Bowler and the Financial Position.

Mr. Jones was kept by illness from playing during the greater portion of the season.

The thanks of the Committee are due to Dr. Gauld for the very able manner in which he captained the team during Mr. Jones’ absence.

With the exception of the match at Whitsuntide, v. Surrey, the attendances showed a marked improvement on the matches played during 1912.

4 District Colts’ matches and 8 Club and Ground matches were played, 7 were won, 4 drawn and 1 lost.

The following matches have been arranged for 1914:- One match at Lords v. M.C.C., Home and the Home matches with Kent, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire and Hampshire.

The matches with Derbyshire and Leicestershire at Trent Bridge will be played on a Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.
The President of the club most generously contributed £100 to the Funds.

The Committee again set aside the sum of £300 to the Players’ Benefit Fund, which with donations and interest amounted to £3,036 18s. 6d. This Fund is now closed and has been distributed between the six Beneficiaries, namely G. Gunn, J. Gunn, Hallam, Iremonger, Oates, and Wass.         

W. H. TOMASSON, Hon. Secretary

H. TURNER, Secretary.