The Committee beg to present the ANNUAL BALANCE SHEET AND REPORT for 1914.

Of the 20 First Class Matches played 5 were won, 10 drawn, and 5 lost.

The season was a disappointing one, but a new fast bowler – F. Barratt – took 107 wickets.

Mr. A. O. Jones who for so many years Captained the County Eleven, died in the Autumn; he was only able to play in 5 matches last season. Notts Cricket has sustained a most severe loss in the death of this able and zealous Captain, who was a universal favourite. It was impossible to exaggerate his value to the side, and his brilliant batting was for years a pleasure to every Member of the Club, his fielding was of the highest possible standard, and his enthusiasm and keenness did much for the Eleven.

Mr. Pearson-Gregory, Doctor Gauld, and Mr. A. W. Carr each Captained the side on various occasions, and the thanks of the Club are due to these gentlemen.

The Committee are pleased to report that a profit of £178 13 8 was made on the seasons working, this profit would have been much higher but for the War.

The Appeal to pay off the debt of the Club was a great success, the sum of £4,172 11 4 having been promised. The Committee beg to thank the Duke of Portland for his help in the Appeal. The President of the Club, Sir Jesse Boot, took a great interest in the working of the Club, and made a most generous donation to the Appeal.

The Committee placed the Trent Bridge Pavilion at the disposal of the Military Authorities as a hospital for wounded soldiers, an immense amount of good work has been done at it. The Committee felt that this would be in accordance with the wish of the Members. Some loss of revenue has occurred, as of course the Pavilion could not be let for the Winter as in the past seasons. As many as 36 patients have been in the Hospital at one time, and it is in contemplation to considerably increase the number of beds. The President of the Hospital, Lady Bruce, will be glad to show the Wards to any Member of the Club.

No First Class Cricket will be played in England during the War, but in the event of a finish of the war, it will be possible to make some fixtures. The Committee hope to arrange some matches for boys cricket, and some afternoon Regimental Matches for soldiers quartered in Nottingham.

In anticipation of the usual programme of Matches, it was necessary to incur certain liabilities. It is also very desirable that the ground and general organization of the Club should be maintained in a high state of efficiency. The Committee will exercise every possible economy. Member by paying their subscriptions will greatly assist in helping the Club to tide over a most anxious period.

W. H. TOMASSON, Hon. Secretary.
H. TURNER, Secretary.