The Committee’s Report.

The Committee beg to present the ANNUAL BALANCE SHEET AND REPORT for 1915.

No cricket was of course possible owing to the war.

Your Committee expresses its sincere thanks to the large number of Members who so generously continued their subscriptions, or gave donations. Thanks to this, the expenses for the year, which were necessarily heavy, have been met. This is all the more gratifying as so many members of the Club are serving with His Majesty’s Forces.

Your Committee has to report with profound regret the death of Lieutenant R. E. Hemingway, who was killed in action in France.

Luitenant A. W. Carr has been mentioned in despatches.

The President of the Club, Sir Jesse Boot, most generously contributed 50 guineas to the Funds.

The Pavilion has been used during the past year as a hospital for soldiers. A large number of patients have been received there, and the Committee are thoroughly satisfied that an enormous amount of good work has been done by the Local Committee and by Lady Bruce, the President of the Hospital.

The expenses for 1916 will not be so heavy as in 1915, as no payments for Ground Staff or Winter Pay for Professionals will be required. Salaries will be less, but the upkeep of the ground, rent, rates, taxes, interest on debt, repairs, &c., and other items will have to be provided for.

It is very desirable that the ground should be maintained in a high state of efficiency. The Committee are exercising every possible economy, and Members by paying thir Subscriptins will greatly assist in helping the Club to tide over a most anxious period.

W. H. TOMASSON, Hon. Secretary.
H. TURNER, Secretary.