The Committee Report

The Committee beg to present the Annual Balance Sheet and Report for 1919.

Of the fourteen First-class County Matches played, five were won, eight drawn and only one lost.
The County was third in the Championship.

The side was very strong in batting, George Gunn being consistently successful. Practically the whole side batted well. The bowling, however, was not equal to the batting, although both Barratt and Richmond bowled with pluck and resolution.
Mr. A. W. Carr captained the Eleven with great judgment, and his fine free cricket was most popular.
By the death of their Secretary, Mr. Henry Turner, the Club loses a zealous servant who had worked very hard for the Club for many years.
The season’s working resulted in a loss, but it will be noted that a considerable sum of money has been spent on repairs, which were long overdue. The expenses of running First-class Cricket have much increased, and it is necessary that a serious effort should be made to secure an increased membership. The Committee will be grateful for the help of every one of the present members in assisting them to secure such increased membership. The matter is an urgent one, as it is certain that Cricket cannot otherwise be carried on successfully.

An attractive and enlarged programme has been arranged for next Season, Home and home matches have been fixed with Derbyshire, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Surrey, Sussex and Yorkshire, as well as a game with the M.C.C at Lord’s.

Three-days’ Cricket is again the rule, and some of the matches will begin on Saturday.

The President of the Club, Sir Jesse Boot, Bart., made a generous donation of Fifty Pounds.