The Committee’s Report

The Committee presents its Annual Report and Balance Sheet for 1924.


The Season was marked by the visit of the South Africans, and was memorable for rain which greatly interfered with the game.

The first match of the season was rain-spoilt: no result being arrived at.

The South Africans were met at Trent Bridge and beaten by three wickets.

The Test Trial – England v. The Rest – was also played at Trent Bridge, and won after a good game by the England Eleven. Mr. A. W. Carr captained the Rest Team.

Of the twenty-eight County Matches played, nine were won, three lost and eleven drawn. Seven lost and four won on the first innings. Of the others, one – v. Warwickshire at Birmingham was completely washed-out, not a ball being bowled. The other four showed no result on the first innings; thus Notts. dropped from second place to seventh in the Championship Table.

The batting honors were carried off by Whysall who was at the top of his form. He was seventh in the England averages and scored six centuries, four in successive matches. Mr. Carr scored five, and John and George Gunn and Flint a century each. The batting was very uneven, though there were many good individual performances.

The bowling was no so effective as usual, Barratt, Richmond and Staples bearing the brunt of it, while Flint was most useful. The fielding was very sound.
Oates kept wicket well as usual, and when required Lilley was a good understudy and batted very well.

Mr. Carr has earned the thanks of the Club and will Captain the side again in 1925.

Harry Coxon who scored for over fifty years for the County retired last season from active duty, and a benefit in the Minor Counties Competition was granted him. This, with subscriptions , brought in a total of nearly £200. John Carlin, an old player, has taken his place.
The Balance Sheet shows a deficit on the year’s working of £1,538 19s. The deficit is largely explained by greatly reduced gross gate receipts – a drop of over £1,100 compared with last season – and by new buildings, repairs to stands and general repairs which were urgently necessary.
The fixture list for 1925 shows certain changes from 1924. Cambridge University will be met at Cambridge. Fixtures with Essex and Warwickshire could not be arranged this year,  but Gloucestershire and the following Counties will be played:- Yorkshire, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Lancashire, Sussex, Northamptionshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Middlesex, Worcestershire and Glamorganshire.

George Gunn has been grated a complimentary benefit, the Yorkshire match being allotted for this purpose.

Notts. entered the Minor Counties Competition after a long break, and was captained by Mr. Lionel Kirk. There were several batting performances of merit, notably by Mr. J. F. Bishop, Lilley, the Captain and Albert Payton. Larwood and Marshall bowled well.

The Committee is satisfied that the entry into this Competition has been justified.

The President of the Club, W. Eben Hardy, Esq., made the generous donation of £100.

By order of the Committee.
        G. O. GAULD, Hon. Secretary.