The Committee’s Report

The Committee begs to present the Annual Report and Accounts for 1929.

By general consent Notts. have been acclaimed worthy champions of season 1929, though not till its closing days was the honour won – for the twelfth time in the game’s history – the last occasion being in 1907.

Of 28 County Championship matches played, 14 were won, 2 lost, 12 drawn. The South African match was drawn, while the Champion County v. The Rest at the Oval was lost only by 8 runs after a thrilling game.
In a favorable dry season the Notts. batting was very sound – Whysall again being at the top of the averages – scoring in all matches more runs than anyone in England except Wooley, and being tenth in the English averages. Payton and George Gunn – who helped win the championship in 1907 – Walker, Mr Carr and A. Staples all exceeded one thousand runs, while six of the team scored one or more centuries. Arthur Staples has claims to be considered the all-rounder of the side, scoring 1,205 runs and taking 82 wickets.

The bowling was shared by Barratt, Larwood, Voce, the brothers Staples and Mr. R. D. F. Bland, who made a promising entry into County Cricket. Larwood, carefully used by Mr. Carr, shows he has recovered from his Australian tour. Voce, fourth in the averages of leading bowlers, and a brilliant fieldsman, was one of the bowlers of the year. Barratt had a great season; bowled as well as ever and thrilled the spectators by many wonderful batting feats. Well did he deserve the honour of a place in the England v. South Africa match at Old Trafford. S. J. Staples took over a hundred wickets in all matches, in spite of indifferent health in the early part of the season. Lilley kept wicket in every match and had a very good season. The fielding – especially the outfielding and throwing – was less satisfactory.

Mr. Carr personally had a good season – scored four centuries – his 194 v. South Africa at Trent Bridge being a feature of the season, and he led the side with his old skill an judgment. He has our congratulations on leading Notts. to the head of the Championship Table and on his selection as Captain of England v. South Africa.

The 2nd Eleven had a poor season in the Minor Counties Competition and did not win a single match. G. V. Gunn, Shipston and Keeton were outstanding batsmen, but the bowling was only moderate. There were many other interesting Club and Ground, and School boy matches played during the season at Trent Bridge and elsewhere in the County.

Your Committee regrets to report that since the season closed, Mr. Harry Coxon, who had been County Scorer for over 50 years, died at his home in West Bridgford near to the ground he loved so well.

By order of the Committee.

During this famous season there are many incidents that must be recorded. George Gunn celebrated his 50th birthday at Worcester on 13th June by scoring 164 not out. To mark the occasion a chiming clock was given by the Committee and publicly presented to Gunn by the Lord Mayor during the return match with Worcester at Trent Bridge on 20th June. Gifts were made to Gunn at the same time from Mr. Carr and from the other members of the team.
To celebrate the winning of the Championship, the Lord Mayor of Nottingham (Ald. A. R. Atkey, J. P.) who has shown great personal interest in the game and in the County’s success, gave a banquet in the new Council House. Among the guests were the present team as well as many of those who were involved in the Championship Eleven of 1907. During the evening presentations were made by the Lord Mayor to members of the County team as follows: A cheque from the Appeal Fund (£893/1/6). Interesting souvenirs of the season. A travelling clock given by Mrs. Herbert C. Roe, a great friend of the club and of the players, and from the Club a cigarette case suitably inscribed and with the names of the team engraved.

On the last day of his year of office, the Lord Mayor was presented by the Club with a piece of plate – with the names of the Committee engraved – in recognition of his service to the Club and his interest in the game.
The Revenue Account shows a loss for the year of £1,396/13/11. The deficit would have been greater by for the Receipt from the M. C. C. of £780/17/5 - £500 being a voluntary contribution from profits of the Australian Tour of 1928-29 and £280/17/5 from Trial and Test Matches v. South Africa in 1929. The match receipts for the season were £5,907, as against £6,360/0/5 in 1928; while the match expenses were £5,700/2/8 as against £6,119/3/7. Annual subscriptions amounted to £6,832/7/0 paid by 3,994 members, as against £7,067/10/0 and 4,158 in 1928. It should be emphasised, however, that the loss for the year is mainly due to the very heavy but necessary expenditure on the Dressing Rooms and Stands. These improvements have been greatly appreciated by members and players. There was no benefit match in 1929 – apart from the Complimentary Match v. Leicester 2nd Eleven for Flint. This year a second Complementary Benefit will be given to Payton – who has chosen the Derbyshire match on July 12, 14, 15. Your Committee anticipate a generous response from members and followers of the game in the County.

A very large and comprehensive scheme of improvements and additions have been undertaken by your Committee and is now in progress. A new Secretary’s office and Staff Room has been built and the old West Wing Members’ Stand has been largely demolished and a stand with an upper open tier is being erected in its place. New and improved seating for upwards of 3000 people is provided for on the ground floor of the big covered stand (from about George Parr’s tree to the first Concrete Stand). The new part of this Stand, i.e, with the upper storey – seating for about 1,500, will have the new and comfortable seating. Similar seating is also arranged for 750 on the Fox Road Stand. The total cost of this scheme is estimated at approximately £8,500.

Sir Julien Cahn has most generously promised to be responsible for the cost of the New Open Concrete Stand adjoining Fox Road and for a further sum in respect of the Secretary’s new office and Staff Room. The cost of the New Seating of the Main Covered Stand (for 3,000) has been subscribed by good friends of the Club.
To meet the remaining cost of the Scheme, an appeal is being launched to all members and it is hoped that a substantial response will be made before the season opens. All the Stands will be ready for the first match of the season.
The thanks of the Club are due to many friends and members who have given pictures, prints and other articles of historic interest and value for the growing collection in the large Hall of the Pavilion.
The President – Col. W. F. Story, C. B. – has made the generous donation of £100 to the Club.
        G. O. GAULD, Hon. Secretary.