The 1951 Committee Report

The season of 1951 was the most disastrous in the history of the club when only one match was won and the club occupied last place in the championship for the first time.

Even with Butler and Jepson fit the bowling is inadequate. We have no fears for the future in respect of batting. Four of the team scored over 1,000 runs and the veteran Keeton only failed to make a fifth by a very narrow margin. A most satisfactory feature was the improvement of Clay. Poole scored most runs of 1,638 and fielded brilliantly, his success in India pleases us all. The bulk of the bowling was done by Harvey who would have done even better if he had better support in the field. R. T. Simpson led the side with courage and determination but one cannot make bricks without straw and he deserves our sympathy.

Our thanks are due to Messrs. G. F. H. Heane, H. R. Cox and B. H. Farr for readily playing for us when depleted by injuries.

The standard of bowling in the county is so low that it has become necessary to seek players from outside. An Investigation Committee under the chairmanship of Col. H. R. Munt was appointed. This Committee has done a great deal of work and our thanks are due to them for what they have achieved. Mr. E. A. Marshall also has rendered invaluable service in that direction. Their efforts have resulted in the engagement of T. W. Birtle, J.

Gregory, G. Goonesena and Bruce Dooland. Dooland is a spin bowler, an Australian now playing in the Lancashire League, but will not be available until the season of 1953. Birtle is a fast medium from Durham; he has been specially registered and will available this season. Gregory is fast medium from Cheshire and we hope that he will be specially registered to play this year. Goonesena is a spin bowler from Ceylon, he was serving in the R.A.F last summer and made several appearances for the club and ground, but will not be qualified this year.

The second XI was captained by Mr. H. R. Cox to whom our thanks are due and it did better than in the previous season, Winfield (who scored 105 v Warwickshire), Oscroft and Kelly all showed promise. Winfield and Oscroft are now away on National Service.

It will be seen from the accounts that there is a loss on the year’s working of £2,219 17s. 2d. This was due to the substantial fall in match receipts and heavy cost of repairs. Match receipts this year amount to £5,105 8s. 10d. as compared with £7,239 2s. 4d. in 1950 due to the bad summer and the poor performance of the team on the field. 

It is satisfactory to report the amount of £12,507 14s. 6d. received from subscriptions is a record for the club. Membership subscriptions remain the back-bone of the club’s finances and are only form of regular income upon which the Committee rely.

The receipt of £447 in respect of catering rights appears for the first time. When the club sold the Trent Bridge Inn many years ago the then trustees who had complete power granted a permanent licence to supply refreshments on Trent Bridge. The question arose as to whether this was enforceable. The point was taken up with Messrs Ind Coope and Allsopp, Ltd. who, without even considering the legal aspect, met the Committee in the most amicable spirit and entered into a fresh agreement. This is but a further instance of the happy spirit of co-operation which has always existed between us. 

The future financial position of the club is a matter of concern. As there is no Test Match at Trent Bridge until 1953, when the Australians will be playing here, it is anticipated that there will be considerable deficit on this year’s workings. The substantial sums paid to counties from profits of overseas tours in the past are not likely to be available in the future. 

In addition the costs of repairs have risen enormously and a considerable amount of repair work is necessary forthwith. The Committee regret having to propose the increases in subscriptions, but their is no alternative.

   Arthur Jepson’s benefit realised £2,000 and is a poor reward for one who rendered yeoman service. The wet weather which spoilt several Sunday games doubtless affected the result.