Report Of The Committee For 1978

Chairman’s Report

Although a magnificent start to the season lifted us quickly from the bottom of the Schweppes Championship Table, the performance of the team after the departure of Richard Hadlee was disappointing. We gradually reverted to last season’s standard and while recognising that we batted well on several occasions in the first innings, which resulted in us obtaining the most batting bonus points in the table, the advantage we gained in doing so was never driven home. Although we anticipate better things next year, when we will be at full strength for the whole season, there is still a lot of hard work to be done by everybody if we are going to gain any degree of success. 

The Club recognises the sterling efforts being put in by the Notts Cricket Associating in its effort to produce young players. It is impossible to name everyone involved in this, but George Hornbuckle, who is Chairman of the NCA Youth Committee, and Jeff Carpenter, Organiser/Manager of the County U/17 XI, we have two fine stalwarts who organised over 40 representative games last season and have a vigorous programme planned for 1979.

This winter has seen the launching of the Andrews ‘Heat for Hire’ Coaching Scheme for young Nottinghamshire cricketers. This has taken off under the guidance of Rex Hazeldine who is Chairman of the Notts Coaches’ Association. We are grateful for the assistance of all the various leagues and clubs throughout the County whose help has been readily given and accepted. We must as a County Club be involved closely with these organisations in order to obtain the desired result which is so badly wanted and needed by everybody. 

I congratulate Dennis Corke on becoming the first Nottinghamshire Chairman of the English Schools Cricket Association. On this note, it was very heartening to see the launch of the ‘Nottinghamshire Pitch’ which was the brain-child of Peter Dury, and which will enable the schools to play on reliable wickets, something which is important to players at this level and indeed at any other level. 

The finances of the Club took a not unexpected knock during last season. The various reasons for this are detailed by Cliff Gillott in his report. I will add that we as a club must never become too dependent on TCCB income. We must strive much harder to be more self-sufficient and to this aim we are putting in a lot more effort to obtain considerably more sponsorship. This has been one of the Clubs weakest areas and thankfully since the end of last season much progress has been made in this field. I would appeal to any member who can help in this way either individually or though his Company. Sponsorship can range from £30 per match for match balls up to as much as £1,000, the office has all the details. We are working really hard to ensure that sponsors receive a commercial return for their investment and we are certainly not looking for industrial benevolence. 

The Clive Rice affair cost us a lot of money. Members who were against the Club’s decision will be happy that we was reinstated and those members who supported the Club have consolation that the costs would have been crippling to the finances of this Club. However, out of it all, Richard Hadlee became available and considerably strengthen the playing staff and enhanced our prospects for the future. 

The financial contribution of the Supporters Association over the years has been considerable, and indeed many improvements to the ground would not have been possible without their efforts. But while the £8,000 donation this year is against most welcome, this consists of revenue raised from the Tavern, and without any fund raising schemes of any kind. Such schemes have dwindled away, and I ask the Supporters Association to revitalise an area of funding raising that used to be so profitable. I am extremely grateful to our much valued sponsors. We and all other sports are indebted to them all, where should we be without them? My thanks to Philip Carling and his staff and to Ron Allsopp and his staff and helpers. Ron has again ensured that Trent Bridge is second to none as a Test Match Ground and deserves congratulations on the Test Match wicket which was prepared in exceedingly difficult weather conditions.

Harry Richards, a former Committee member and Sports Editor for the Evening Post has retired and we thanks him for his efforts on behalf of the Club and wish his successor Trevor Frecknell all the best in his appointment. 

Finally I hope by the time this report is issued that Derek Randall has had his share of good fortune in Australia. Best wishes to him and all our players. I hope they keep fit and winter well ready for next season.