For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Somerset win by 132 runs

Nottinghamshire 2nd Innings 122 All out (43.5 overs)

Extras6nb 0w 8b 0lb14
Total All out122(43.5 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterCaught Tom Banton Bowled Jack Leach2241500
Jacob LibbyL.B.W. Jack Leach05100
Thomas MooresCaught James Hildreth Bowled Jamie Overton22464140
Ravichandran AshwinCaught George Bartlett Bowled Jack Leach4111110440
Steven MullaneyCaught James Hildreth Bowled Dom Bess9503520
Samit PatelCaught James Hildreth Bowled Jack Leach1161000
Ben DuckettCaught Lewis Gregory Bowled Jamie Overton13271911
Luke FletcherCaught Tim Groenewald Bowled Dom Bess6221510
Liam Patterson-WhiteBowled Jamie Overton2181400
Luke WoodNot Out413710
Jacob BallBowled Jamie Overton87520
Chris Nash
Lewis Gregory401403.50
Matthew Leach1844242.33
Dominic Bess1443422.43
Jamie Overton732443.43
Fall of Wicket
1–2Jacob Libby
2–21Benjamin Slater
3–35Thomas Moores
4–67Steven Mullaney
5–78Samit Patel
6–95Ravichandran Ashwin
7–102Ben Duckett
8–108Luke Fletcher
9–110Liam Patterson-White
10–122Jacob Ball

Somerset 2nd Innings 169 All out (59.4 overs)

Extras8nb 0w 20b 1lb29
Total All out169(59.4 ovs)
Thomas AbellCaught Ben Slater Bowled Ravichandran Ashwin24786410
Timothy GroenewaldCaught Tom Moores Bowled Ravichandran Ashwin04300
Azhar AliNot Out6519618440
James HildrethCaught Tom Moores Bowled Ravichandran Ashwin7141510
Thomas BantonL.B.W. Liam Patterson-White47510
George BartlettBowled Liam Patterson-White06500
Steven DaviesL.B.W. Ravichandran Ashwin2101500
Lewis GregoryCaught (Sub) Bowled Liam Patterson-White9262410
Dominic BessL.B.W. Liam Patterson-White5131310
Jamie OvertonCaught Tom Moores Bowled Ravichandran Ashwin24382721
Matthew LeachCaught Ben Slater Bowled Liam Patterson-White010700
Ravichandran Ashwin3085951.97
Luke Wood621602.67
Liam Patterson-White2327353.17
Fall of Wicket
1–1Timothy Groenewald
2–56Thomas Abell
3–70James Hildreth
4–75Thomas Banton
5–79George Bartlett
6–94Steven Davies
7–109Lewis Gregory
8–115Dominic Bess
9–166Jamie Overton
10–169Matthew Leach

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 241 All out (88.1 overs)

Extras2nb 0w 4b 3lb9
Total All out241(88.1 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterCaught Tom Abell Bowled Jamie Overton15363320
Jacob LibbyCaught Lewis Gregory Bowled Jack Leach7726919280
Chris NashRetired Hurt501209570
Ben DuckettCaught Steve Davies Bowled Dom Bess38634332
Steven MullaneyCaught Tom Abell Bowled Dom Bess24736830
Ravichandran AshwinBowled Dom Bess23534540
Thomas MooresCaught Tom Banton Bowled Jack Leach19900
Liam Patterson-WhiteCaught Tom Banton Bowled Jack Leach06400
Luke FletcherCaught James Hildreth Bowled Dom Bess3323300
Luke WoodCaught Jack Leach Bowled Dom Bess08200
Jacob BallNot Out112600
Lewis Gregory1022802.80
Jamie Overton1023913.90
Timothy Groenewald1222902.42
Matthew Leach31117932.55
Dominic Bess2545952.36
Fall of Wicket
1–35Benjamin Slater
2–169Ben Duckett
3–201Jacob Libby
4–217Steven Mullaney
5–222Thomas Moores
6–226Liam Patterson-White
7–236Ravichandran Ashwin
8–238Luke Wood
9–241Luke Fletcher

Somerset 1st Innings 326 All out (94.3 overs)

Extras12nb 0w 11b 11lb34
Total All out326(94.3 ovs)
Thomas AbellCaught Ben Slater Bowled Ravichandran Ashwin17734910
Azhar AliCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Luke Wood10292220
James HildrethCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Jake Ball44766860
Thomas BantonHit Wicket Bowled Ravichandran Ashwin25876320
George BartlettBowled Luke Wood18343320
Steven DaviesL.B.W. Luke Wood74199154110
Lewis GregoryCaught Ravichandran Ashwin Bowled Jake Ball9242010
Dominic BessCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Luke Wood5113710350
Jamie OvertonCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Luke Fletcher34443541
Timothy GroenewaldNot Out9322110
Matthew LeachL.B.W. Ravichandran Ashwin15500
Luke Fletcher1715012.94
Jacob Ball1826423.56
Luke Wood2338543.70
Ravichandran Ashwin3469332.74
Jacob Libby201206.00
Fall of Wicket
1–22Azhar Ali
2–52Thomas Abell
3–96James Hildreth
4–122George Bartlett
5–132Thomas Banton
6–145Lewis Gregory
7–273Dominic Bess
8–292Steven Davies
9–325Jamie Overton
10–326Matthew Leach


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