For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Derbyshire win by 3 wickets

Derbyshire 2nd Innings 365 for 7 (120.5 overs)

Extras2nb 6w 6b 12lb26
Total for 7365(120.5 ovs)
Luis ReeceCaught Jake Ball Bowled Peter Trego24272131
Billy GodlemanL.B.W. Joey Evison86187137101
Wayne MadsenL.B.W. Jake Ball4323117460
Jacobus du PlooyL.B.W. Steven Mullaney7281200
Matthew CritchleyStumped Tom Moores Bowled Samit Patel351388930
Harvey HoseinBowled Jake Ball3171100
Fynn Hudson-PrenticeNot Out91222169120
Matthew McKiernanBowled Jake Ball20897520
Michael CohenNot Out30533830
Samuel Conners
Benjamin Aitchison
Jacob Ball3399832.97
Peter Trego1975212.74
Joseph Evison1113613.27
Thomas Barber1305304.08
Samit Patel2327413.22
Steven Mullaney2083411.70
Fall of Wicket
1–33Luis Reece
2–146Billy Godleman
3–165Jacobus du Plooy
4–180Wayne Madsen
5–192Harvey Hosein
6–234Matthew Critchley
7–299Matthew McKiernan

Nottinghamshire 2nd Innings 279 All out (83.2 overs)

Extras0nb 1w 1b 4lb6
Total All out279(83.2 ovs)
Chris NashBowled Sam Conners01200
Haseeb HameedCaught Mattie McKiernan Bowled Ben Aitchison5224414370
Ben DuckettCaught Harvey Hosein Bowled Sam Conners23544240
Joseph ClarkeL.B.W. Sam Conners2131000
Steven MullaneyCaught Mattie McKiernan Bowled Luis Reece48976581
Peter TregoCaught Matthew Critchley Bowled Ben Aitchison8221320
Thomas MooresCaught Luis Reece Bowled Michael Cohen7413510
Samit PatelL.B.W. Matthew Critchley8014794101
Joseph EvisonCaught Matthew Critchley Bowled Ben Aitchison31635150
Jacob BallCaught Harvey Hosein Bowled Michael Cohen22764150
Thomas BarberNot Out05400
Samuel Conners1536334.20
Benjamin Aitchison2345532.39
Luis Reece2366112.65
Michael Cohen1325123.92
Matthew Critchley713114.43
Matthew McKiernan201306.50
Fall of Wicket
1–0Chris Nash
2–39Ben Duckett
3–41Joseph Clarke
4–116Steven Mullaney
5–127Peter Trego
6–140Thomas Moores
7–150Haseeb Hameed
8–224Joseph Evison
9–279Samit Patel
10–279Jacob Ball

Derbyshire 1st Innings 239 All out (71.0 overs)

Extras4nb 6w 0b 7lb17
Total All out239(71.0 ovs)
Luis ReeceCaught Tom Moores Bowled Jake Ball0241600
Billy GodlemanCaught Tom Moores Bowled Jake Ball18313130
Wayne MadsenCaught Chris Nash Bowled Jake Ball0241300
Jacobus du PlooyCaught Joey Evison Bowled Samit Patel130291177173
Matthew CritchleyRun Out Steven Mullaney45986660
Harvey HoseinL.B.W. Joey Evison16400
Fynn Hudson-PrenticeL.B.W. Joey Evison8221720
Matthew McKiernanCaught Haseeb Hameed Bowled Joey Evison012600
Michael CohenBowled Tom Barber7383510
Benjamin AitchisonCaught Steven Mullaney Bowled Tom Barber810810
Samuel ConnersNot Out5935500
Jacob Ball2037133.55
Peter Trego1333602.77
Joseph Evison1133833.45
Steven Mullaney821201.50
Thomas Barber1517124.73
Samit Patel41411.00
Fall of Wicket
1–14Luis Reece
2–19Billy Godleman
3–26Wayne Madsen
4–119Matthew Critchley
5–120Harvey Hosein
6–132Fynn Hudson-Prentice
7–134Matthew McKiernan
8–149Michael Cohen
9–159Benjamin Aitchison
10–239Jacobus du Plooy

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 324 All out (77.2 overs)

Extras8nb 2w 10b 3lb23
Total All out324(77.2 ovs)
Chris NashL.B.W. Sam Conners591248671
Haseeb HameedL.B.W. Luis Reece68192143120
Ben DuckettCaught Leus du Plooy Bowled Ben Aitchison9271720
Joseph ClarkeCaught Harvey Hosein Bowled Michael Cohen8261010
Steven MullaneyCaught Mattie McKiernan Bowled Luis Reece619910
Peter TregoCaught Harvey Hosein Bowled Michael Cohen18300
Thomas MooresCaught Harvey Hosein Bowled Fynn Hudson-Prentice15512830
Samit PatelCaught Wayne Madsen Bowled Michael Cohen638970110
Joseph EvisonCaught Billy Godleman Bowled Mattie McKiernan38895932
Jacob BallBowled Mattie McKiernan34553732
Thomas BarberNot Out07600
Samuel Conners1536914.60
Benjamin Aitchison1835713.17
Luis Reece1534523.00
Fynn Hudson-Prentice1124414.00
Michael Cohen914735.22
Matthew Critchley804605.75
Matthew McKiernan10323.00
Fall of Wicket
1–111Chris Nash
2–124Ben Duckett
3–147Joseph Clarke
4–159Haseeb Hameed
5–160Steven Mullaney
6–160Peter Trego
7–192Thomas Moores
8–253Samit Patel
9–321Joseph Evison
10–324Jacob Ball


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