For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2019 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard Nottinghamshire win by an innings and 30 runs

Essex 2nd Innings 194 All out (85.2 overs)

Extras6nb 0w 0b 7lb13
Total All out194(85.2 ovs)
Nicholas BrowneCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Fletcher6424819770
Alastair CookL.B.W. Lyndon James35725760
Thomas WestleyCaught Tom Moores Bowled Stuart Broad1151200
Daniel LawrenceBowled Dane Paterson11554010
Paul WalterCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Lyndon James3017110650
Ryan ten DoeschateL.B.W. Lyndon James21463920
Adam WheaterBowled Lyndon James03200
Simon HarmerL.B.W. Dane Paterson0141200
Shane SnaterNot Out12401730
Peter SiddleCaught Ben Duckett Bowled Dane Paterson6141610
James PorterCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Fletcher1231700
Stuart Broad1854612.56
Luke Fletcher21104222.00
Dane Paterson2084132.05
Lyndon James2065142.55
Liam Patterson-White62701.17
Fall of Wicket
1–63Alastair Cook
2–68Thomas Westley
3–89Daniel Lawrence
4–137Nicholas Browne
5–165Ryan ten Doeschate
6–165Adam Wheater
7–170Simon Harmer
8–174Paul Walter
9–185Peter Siddle
10–194James Porter

Nottinghamshire 1st Innings 323 All out (86.0 overs)

Extras0nb 0w 5b 6lb11
Total All out323(86.0 ovs)
Benjamin SlaterCaught Paul Walter Bowled Shane Snater14483520
Haseeb HameedCaught Simon Harmer Bowled Shane Snater491259260
Ben DuckettCaught Adam Wheater Bowled Jamie Porter05100
Joseph ClarkeCaught Adam Wheater Bowled Shane Snater15553320
Lyndon JamesCaught Simon Harmer Bowled Shane Snater511409480
Steven MullaneyBowled Peter Siddle117223160200
Thomas MooresCaught Adam Wheater Bowled Shane Snater02100
Liam Patterson-WhiteCaught Ryan ten Doeschate Bowled Simon Harmer22615230
Stuart BroadCaught Alastair Cook Bowled Shane Snater41444261
Luke FletcherL.B.W. Shane Snater26400
Dane PatersonNot Out14200
James Porter2127513.57
Peter Siddle2247213.27
Shane Snater2669873.77
Simon Harmer1234013.33
Paul Walter10707.00
Ryan ten Doeschate402005.00
Fall of Wicket
1–31Benjamin Slater
2–34Ben Duckett
3–77Joseph Clarke
4–84Haseeb Hameed
5–207Lyndon James
6–207Thomas Moores
7–253Liam Patterson-White
8–319Steven Mullaney
9–322Luke Fletcher
10–323Stuart Broad

Essex 1st Innings 99 All out (41.0 overs)

Extras0nb 0w 1b 8lb9
Total All out99(41.0 ovs)
Nicholas BrowneCaught Ben Slater Bowled Luke Fletcher5316711290
Alastair CookCaught Tom Moores Bowled Stuart Broad3332400
Thomas WestleyBowled Luke Fletcher1171400
Daniel LawrenceL.B.W. Lyndon James14443420
Paul WalterL.B.W. Stuart Broad07700
Ryan ten DoeschateL.B.W. Luke Fletcher6321410
Adam WheaterCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Fletcher511900
Simon HarmerL.B.W. Lyndon James8352710
Shane SnaterCaught Tom Moores Bowled Luke Fletcher04300
Peter SiddleL.B.W. Luke Fletcher02100
James PorterNot Out06100
Stuart Broad903123.44
Luke Fletcher1672461.50
Dane Paterson1123202.91
Lyndon James53320.60
Fall of Wicket
1–23Alastair Cook
2–34Thomas Westley
3–61Daniel Lawrence
4–62Paul Walter
5–80Ryan ten Doeschate
6–86Adam Wheater
7–99Nicholas Browne
8–99Shane Snater
9–99Peter Siddle
10–99Simon Harmer


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