For those who love their cricket, it really doesn't get any better than 2022 at Trent Bridge.

Full Scorecard England win by 5 wickets

England 2nd Innings 299 for 5 (50.0 overs)

Extras0nb 0w 5b 6lb11
Total for 5299(50.0 ovs)
Alexander LeesCaught Tom Blundell Bowled Tim Southee441168171
Zak CrawleyCaught Tim Southee Bowled Trent Boult07400
Oliver PopeCaught Tom Blundell Bowled Matt Henry18523430
Joseph RootCaught and Bowled Trent Boult34400
Jonathan BairstowCaught Tom Blundell Bowled Trent Boult13615092147
Benjamin StokesNot Out7512270104
Benjamin FoakesNot Out12211520
Matthew Potts
Stuart Broad
Matthew Leach
James Anderson
Timothy Southee1106716.09
Trent Boult1619435.88
Matthew Henry1536714.47
Michael Bracewell806007.50
Fall of Wicket
1–12Zak Crawley
2–53Oliver Pope
3–56Joseph Root
4–93Alexander Lees
5–272Jonathan Bairstow

New Zealand 2nd Innings 284 All out (84.4 overs)

Extras6nb 2w 9b 5lb22
Total All out284(84.4 ovs)
Thomas LathamBowled James Anderson43510
William YoungRun out5618511380
Devon ConwayCaught Jonathan Bairstow Bowled Jack Leach5213910980
Henry NichollsCaught Alex Lees Bowled Matthew Potts3191800
Daryl MitchellNot Out6222313141
Thomas BlundellCaught Ben Stokes Bowled Stuart Broad24825340
Michael BracewellCaught Stuart Broad Bowled Matthew Potts25201741
Timothy SoutheeRun out07100
Matthew HenryCaught Ben Foakes Bowled Stuart Broad18504640
Kyle JamiesonCaught Ben Foakes Bowled Stuart Broad18600
Trent BoultCaught Ben Stokes Bowled James Anderson17311530
James Anderson812022.50
Stuart Broad2047033.50
Matthew Potts1563222.13
Matthew Leach2458613.58
Benjamin Stokes1736203.65
Fall of Wicket
1–4Thomas Latham
2–104Devon Conway
3–115Henry Nicholls
4–131William Young
5–176Thomas Blundell
6–204Michael Bracewell
7–213Timothy Southee
8–245Matthew Henry
9–249Kyle Jamieson
10–284Trent Boult

England 1st Innings 539 All out (128.2 overs)

Extras0nb 1w 12b 3lb16
Total All out539(128.2 ovs)
Alexander LeesCaught Daryl Mitchell Bowled Matt Henry67180125110
Zak CrawleyCaught Tom Blundell Bowled Trent Boult48610
Oliver PopeCaught Matt Henry Bowled Trent Boult145353239133
Joseph RootCaught Tim Southee Bowled Trent Boult176353211261
Jonathan BairstowCaught Tom Blundell Bowled Trent Boult8111120
Benjamin StokesCaught Trent Boult Bowled Michael Bracewell46443362
Benjamin FoakesRun out56135104100
Stuart BroadCaught Daryl Mitchell Bowled Michael Bracewell9141320
Matthew PottsBowled Trent Boult312800
Matthew LeachNot Out022900
James AndersonStumped Tom Blundell Bowled Michael Bracewell9171120
Timothy Southee32115404.81
Trent Boult33810653.21
Matthew Henry27512814.74
Kyle Jamieson1636604.13
Michael Bracewell1726233.65
Daryl Mitchell20804.00
Fall of Wicket
1–6Zak Crawley
2–147Alexander Lees
3–334Oliver Pope
4–344Jonathan Bairstow
5–405Benjamin Stokes
6–516Joseph Root
7–527Stuart Broad
8–527Benjamin Foakes
9–530Matthew Potts
10–539James Anderson

New Zealand 1st Innings 553 All out (145.3 overs)

Extras8nb 0w 1b 16lb25
Total All out553(145.3 ovs)
Thomas LathamCaught Matthew Potts Bowled James Anderson261036060
William YoungCaught Zak Crawley Bowled Ben Stokes47997090
Devon ConwayCaught Ben Foakes Bowled James Anderson461036270
Henry NichollsCaught Ben Foakes Bowled Ben Stokes30805240
Daryl MitchellCaught Ben Foakes Bowled Matthew Potts190477318234
Thomas BlundellCaught Ben Stokes Bowled Jack Leach106297198140
Michael BracewellCaught Joe Root Bowled James Anderson491118790
Kyle JamiesonCaught Ben Foakes Bowled Stuart Broad14141230
Timothy SoutheeCaught Joe Root Bowled Stuart Broad42310
Matthew HenryCaught Zak Crawley Bowled Jack Leach02100
Trent BoultNot Out16331840
James Anderson2796232.30
Stuart Broad26410724.12
Matthew Potts30612614.20
Benjamin Stokes2328523.70
Matthew Leach35614024.00
Joseph Root401604.00
Fall of Wicket
1–84William Young
2–84Thomas Latham
3–161Henry Nicholls
4–169Devon Conway
5–405Thomas Blundell
6–496Michael Bracewell
7–513Kyle Jamieson
8–517Timothy Southee
9–520Matthew Henry
10–553Daryl Mitchell


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