David Collier's successor has swapped his role as Regional Director of Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Banking for the task of helping Notts consolidate their position as one of the country's leading clubs.

He said: "I'm hoping to hit the ground running to some extent because I have long-standing links with Trent Bridge ? personally and professionally ? and I've also got to know the staff by having individual meetings with most of them over the past few weeks.

"As ever when a new person moves in, there are certain things I want to work on but the overwhelming first impression is that we have a really committed team of people who are very keen to do a good job.

"The immediate priority for me is to play my part in making sure the Ashes Test and One Day International against Bangladesh run smoothly because the eyes of the sporting world will be on us.

"Looking beyond that, the business climate is not the easiest at the moment and we have some tough choices to make in plotting the best way forward with developing the facilities at Trent Bridge."