Nottinghamshire batsman Riki Wessels is unconcerned by high profile withdrawals from the Bangladesh Premier League as he prepares to line-up in the tournament opener tomorrow.

His Khulna Royal Bengals head to Dhaka with a squad decimated by the withdrawal of several Pakistani players but his desire for match exposure leaves him untroubled by off-field rumblings.

"I understand the concerns that some players have but my motivation for being here is to play competitive cricket in warm weather," said Wessels.

"We don't have many high-profile players at Khulna so there is an opportunity for me to stand up and score some runs.

"Playing cricket in other countries has always been a big part of my learning curve and I think that I have improved my game by playing a lot of cricket in places like Zimbabwe where the conditions can provide a big test."

The Bangladesh Premier League Final will take place on Tuesday 19 February.