A special presentation was made to Chris Read in the Trent Bridge Long Room on Sunday in front of the Members as a painting by Jack Russell of the long-serving Nottinghamshire wicketkeeper was unveiled. 

Read said: “I had Jack’s poster on my wall growing up and he was one of my wicket-keeping heroes along with Ian Healy, with the battles they had playing for England and Australia.

“I then had a year at Gloucestershire moving up from Devon before I came to Trent Bridge where I met him and spent time with him, enjoying what he had to offer from an advice point of view.

“So for him to be able to come to see me at home and Trent Bridge for this made me feel very honoured. I’m very thankful that he spent the time to do that, along with substantial amount of time it must have taken for him to paint the portrait.

“It’s a fantastic portrait and certainly captures the stance that you might find me in, which Jack settled on after asking me to get into different poses out on the pitch.

“One of the things that he wanted to acknowledge was that I had been Captain for 10 years, which I think comes across, and you also have the iconic pavilion in the background too.

“It will feel really weird in the future to come in, look up and seeing it hanging on the wall. It’s one on those where I’m immensely proud because it doesn’t happen every day.

“For it to be hung in the Nottinghamshire Long Room with all the history it will be amongst is an awesome feeling.”


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