The ICC have released the following statement regarding ticketing for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup match at Trent Bridge between the West Indies and Pakistan on Friday 31 May.

ICC Statement

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup would like to apologise to any fans caught up in queues here at Trent Bridge today. We will be offering a full refund to anyone who was impacted by the delays because of the high volume of ticket collections. This will happen automatically based on data from our ticket scanners along with time of ticket issue from the ticket office.

We are currently working with Ticketmaster to resolve all outstanding issues and have put in place a number of measures to ensure fans don’t suffer this inconvenience at future games. This includes the introduction of a print at home ticket and improved distribution methods at the venues.

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Managing Director, Steve Elworthy said: “I sincerely apologise to every single fan who was affected by the queues today. It is certainly not what we want their first experience of what is already proving to be a fantastic Cricket World Cup to be.

“We have delivered over 700,000 tickets to more than 120 countries, but not all tickets were successfully delivered and as such we have seen a higher volume collecting at the venue. It is only right that we refund these fans by way of apology. The refund will happen automatically so the fans do not need to do anything.

“We are working closely with Ticketmaster and our venues to implement measures to prevent this happening again. We would urge fans who haven’t yet received their tickets to go onto their Cricket World Cup account and utilize the print at home function. In addition to this we will improve the way we are distributing the tickets in venue and if necessary we will provide additional support to the venue."