Harry Gurney is relishing further opportunities to play at Trent Bridge – and, therefore, chances to experience more goosebumps – as he prepares to represent Trent Rockets in The Hundred.

The 32-year-old Notts Outlaws paceman will line-up for the Nottingham-based side having been recruited alongside Alex Hales as a local icon.

“Running out before a packed house at Trent Bridge – with music blaring and fireworks etc – it’s an honour and a privilege to do it. It gives me goosebumps every single time.

“To be able to do it in The Hundred now as well as the Blast is really exciting.

“In an ideal world I wanted to stay at Trent Bridge. I was absolutely delighted when the powers that be came to me and asked whether I’d be interested in signing as a local icon and it was an easy decision for me.

“The whole branding and social media presence of the tournament looks awesome.

“We need a competition like this in the UK and I’m excited to be part of its inaugural edition.

“It’s giving supporters what they want. You look at the T20 crowds on a Friday night at Trent Bridge, and it will provide all those thousands of people with more of the type of cricket they love.

“And that’s also neglecting to mention the many thousands of people who at the moment aren’t interested in the game, but might become interested because of this new format.

“It’s exciting for the future of the game and I can’t wait to play what will now be two and a half months solid of cricket at Trent Bridge in these formats.”

Gurney will be in familiar company for the Rockets in the shape of fellow local icon Alex Hales and England contracted pick Joe Root.

The rest will become clear on draft night on Sunday 20 October. As it’s now a stress-free event, Gurney will be tuning in.

“I’ve played with Alex for many years at Notts and he’s a hell of a player. We get on really well, so I’m excited to continue that partnership.

“And Rooty is England’s Test captain, but he’s also a fantastic T20 player.

“He’s a guy Alex and I are very familiar with from our England days and he’s going to be good for the profile of the Trent Rockets for sure.

“Who else we get in the side now comes down to the draft. That will be more fun to watch now I know I’m not having to go through that process,” he continues.

“If I was in the draft, I’d have probably steered clear of it and hoped for the best.

“But, as I’ve already been picked up, I’ll sit back and watch with a glass of wine. It’s going to be really interesting.

“The likes of Rashid Khan, Andre Russell and Chris Gayle are likely to be involved. What an amazing thing to happen in our country.

“If I wasn’t playing in this tournament, I’d be extremely excited about the opportunity to attend the matches at Trent Bridge and watch.”


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