Kathryn Bryce has spoken of the special place Trent Bridge occupies in her cricketing journey after becoming the latest player to be announced as part of the Trent Rockets women’s side.

Scotland captain Bryce, the ICC’s Women’s Associate Player of the Decade, will link up with the likes of England internationals Katherine Brunt and Nat Sciver for the inaugural edition of The Hundred.

She has, however, already built a strong affinity with the ground which will become her home this summer.

“When I was growing up, Trent Bridge was just this big Test ground that you saw on TV, so to be able to play there is fantastic,” she recalled.

“The couple of times I’ve played there so far (in the Kia Super League and Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy) have been incredible, and it was a real help before Christmas to be able to use the facilites at Trent Bridge to prepare for our tour with Scotland.

“We’re really lucky to be able to play there.”

While Bryce’s most recent appearance in Nottingham for Lightning – who represent the East Midlands in the ECB’s elite structure – came in a behind-closed-doors fixture, the all-rounder was able to sample the fabled Trent Bridge atmosphere 12 months earlier.

Loughborough Lightning’s clash with Lancashire Thunder in 2019 attracted almost 4,000 supporters by its conclusion, as the Super League encounter formed the first half of a T20 double-header.

It was an occasion which Bryce has fond memories of.

“When you’re on the field at Trent Bridge, you feel so close to the fans, which creates a brilliant atmosphere,” she said.

“The connection that we have with the ground, and with Notts, through Lightning has really helped as well.

“The support that we’ve built around Nottingham has been fantastic, and really makes it feel like home.

“And the extra profile our games will have in The Hundred – playing alongside the men, and having games on the BBC – will be incredible.

“When you’re on the field at Trent Bridge, you feel so close to the fans, which creates a brilliant atmosphere.”

Kathryn Bryce

“If we can get more people watching women’s cricket, then more will want to come and watch the games and get involved themselves.”

Bryce is the latest name to be added to Salliann Briggs’ Trent Rockets roster, joining fellow internationals Brunt, Sciver and Australia’s Ellyse Villani.

With every other side in The Hundred also boasting its share of world-class talent, 23-year-old Bryce is excited to learn from the best.

“Having players like those around the squad really helps you to grow as a player, by learning from them and their experiences,” she said.

“I met Elyse when she was around the Lightning squad a few years ago, and I’ve played against Katherine and Nat a few times, so I’m really looking forward to being on the same team as them.

“The quality of the players at the other teams really lifts your standards as well – you know you need to be that one step better to be able to compete against them.”