Nottinghamshire paceman Zak Chappell has spoken to the PCA about his plans for a future second career.

Chappell, 23, who joined Notts at the end of the 2018 season, is taking on a new perspective on his career options off the field.

“The first two or three years of my career I was just trying to get to grips with the cricket side of things,” he said.

“When cricket’s going well, you tend to overlook a lot of things in life, but I’ve had a really tough year with injury.

“I think every cricketer should do something like this at some point in their career and I felt like the time was right for me to get this first starting block out of the way.”

Despite his tender years, Chappell is fortunate to have a clear idea of career routes he could potentially take.

“I’m interested in property and I’d like to get into that in the future. But I’ve also got a keen interest in health and fitness so I’ve recently done a nutrition diploma. It’s nothing major but just a little something to kick-start the process.”

In order to develop his professional skills further, Chappell recently attended the PCA’s annual Futures Conference alongside 19 other current and former pros.

The two-day event sees PCA members attend a number of workshops and seminars as they look ahead to transition out of the professional game.

“I think it would be naive to not take opportunities like this when they come around.

“I’ve taken a lot out of just being around - and networking with - the people that have been at the conference. If you take four or five things from an experience like that then you’re just adding strings to your bow.

“I think it’s valuable for any cricketer, especially if it’s towards the end of their career or whenever they’re looking to start adding different things to their lives.”


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