Nancy Harman is eager to use The Hundred as a chance to learn from the very best after being signed by the Trent Rockets.  

Securing a Rockets berth ranks as one of Harman’s most significant career milestones to date, and the all-rounder, who graced the Trent Bridge turf with Lightning in the Rachael Heyhoe Flint trophy last summer, is determined to not let the opportunity go to waste.

“I’ve never played alongside overseas players so I’m looking forward to learning from the best,” said Harman.

“Playing with them is one thing but training alongside them, and seeing how they go about their work, will be a great learning opportunity.

“Last summer it was a great experience to play at Trent Bridge but it will be even better with crowds.

“Hopefully a number of young girls can get interested in the sport and start playing.

“The more girls we can inspire, the better the England team is going to be in 15 years.”

"Last summer it was a great experience to play at Trent Bridge but it will be even better with crowds."

Nancy Harman

Despite missing out on the contracts last year, Harman is excited about the strides the women’s game has made over the past couple of years.

“When I was at University, I was lucky to be on the MCCU scheme, but once I graduated there were limited opportunities to go professional,” said Harman.

“Now, it’s a completely different landscape.

“With the regional contracts in place it sets out a clear pathway of how young girls can become a professional cricketer.

“It’s opened up avenues for me and other players I have spoken to, and The Hundred plays a massive part in that.”

"I've learned a lot from Salliann Briggs, and she was a big attraction for me to join Trent Rockets."

Nancy Harman

You'd be forgiven for thinking that heading into a competition featuring established giants of the global game could be a daunting prospect. 

But, luckily for Harman, she is joined by a number of familiar faces in the Rockets squad.

“Salliann (Briggs, Women’s Head Coach) was my coach during my first year of University,” said Harman.

“I learnt a lot from her that year in the way she ran the programme, and that was a big attraction for me to join Trent Rockets.

“There are also quite a few Lightning players, and girls I have played with at Uni, in the squad so far.

“I think that will benefit us as it’s such a short competition. We can get to know each other’s games quickly which should help us win matches.”


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