Adaptability is the buzzword for Peter Moores and his coaching staff as they navigate the necessary Covid protocols whilst ramping-up preparations for the 2021 season.

At this juncture in winter training, the Green & Golds usually combine tough net sessions with gruelling physical challenges housed in various locations across the county.

Instead, individual sessions are the order of the day, spanning gym, batting and bowling.

Despite the stark change in circumstances, the Head Coach says the squad has hit the ground running after the Christmas break.

“It took us two or three days to work out how we were going to get the best out of the programme under the current restrictions,” said Moores.

“There are complexities to manoeuvring everyone around Trent Bridge safely. However, full credit has to go to everyone at the club for the way they have reacted.

“The players are getting a lot of one-on-one time for parts of their game they need to work on. I’ve been really impressed at how everyone has come in with a real focus on what they want to work on.

“They’ve realised the opportunity they have for the next four or five weeks before we head into the final part of pre-season. If we keep that intensity up, we’ll be in a really good place.”

The individual time with each player is seen as a positive by-product of the current circumstances by the Nottinghamshire Head Coach.

“We realise how lucky we are to be in and able to train,” said Moores.

“That’s the way we’ve looked at it and I think it’s the best way to view it.

“We’re using the current restrictions to our advantage to get some quality one-on-one time with everyone who is here.

“That specific work with the players will give them the best possible chance to be successful in the summer.”

The Christmas break gave the Nottinghamshire squad a much-deserved break after a gruelling block of fitness challenges throughout November and December.

With the physical demands of modern-day professional sport, self-restraint during the festive period was the order of the day. Moores is delighted to report that his charges showed it in spades.

“What was impressive during the first week back was the condition the lads came back in,” said Moores.

“There was a clear message from the whole squad that, although Christmas is a time to relax, none of us wanted to lose all the work we had done.

“The first week back was very much about checking where everybody was and across the board the fitness averages went up, which is a good sign for us.

“We’ve got a busy schedule coming up during the summer, we’re going to need fit and strong players to get through that and be competitive, and that’s where we are at the moment.”