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Four school pupils were rewarded with a day out at Trent Bridge after completing a trial of the Trent Bridge Community Trust’s newest programme, Healthy Hearts.

Healthy Hearts, championed by former Nottinghamshire and England batsman James Taylor whose career was prematurely ended by a serious heart condition, aims to teach schoolchildren about the basics of the heart and how to look after it.

Niall, Oliver, Holly and Brennan, from Radcliffe-on-Trent Junior School, trialled the programme before it goes live in January, and were presented with their certificates and medals by Steven Mullaney and Luke Fletcher.

“Learning about the heart and how to best look after it, or how to notice a sign when something is wrong is extremely important,” said Taylor.

“It’s great to see the Trent Bridge Community Trust piloting such a project and getting a good number of schools on board.

“To have the players welcoming them into the ground and handing out the awards would have made it extra special for the children. It’s great to see Steven and Luke getting involved.”

There are currently five schools signed up for Healthy Hearts, which will see members of the Trust team delivering educational sessions over a six-week period.  

Positive Futures Activity Co-ordinator, Becky Jones, believes teaching children at an early age is the best way to reduce risks later in life.

“During our six weeks with them, we aim to teach them about the basics of the heart and circulatory system, as well as about nutrition and exercises they can implement in the playground,” she said. 

“We’re using it as an awareness driver for kids to learn about their heart and what they can do to look after it, reducing the risk when they are older.

“At the end of each programme, we will go into their schools and present them with their certificates – along with a chance to meet more Outlaws players too.” 


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