deeserve are marking another year of providing technical support to Trent Bridge, after ensuring communications networks operated seamlessly during one of the highest-profile cricketing summers in recent memory.

The locally-based technical experts have supplied state-of-the-art systems to the ground, ensuring ticketing processes, payment systems and network connections have performed effectively during a season which has seen record-breaking T20 crowds and five ICC Cricket World Cup fixtures at Trent Bridge.

Round-the-clock technical monitoring has also been provided by deeserve, to ensure that engineers can pinpoint and resolve potential issues the moment they arise.

Meanwhile, the organisation have ensured that plans are in place for future upgrades so that the venue's infrastructure remains at the cutting edge.

“The biggest compliment anybody can pay our work is not noticing it at all,” said Darren Wilders, deeserve’s Technical Director.

“As a spectator, you expect your ticket to be scanned on entry without a hitch; as a caterer, you demand efficient payment processes; and as a member of the media, you simply cannot do your job without instantaneous connections to the internet.

“These are things that you expect to take for granted, but if contactless payments failed during the lunchtime rush, or if WiFi dropped out as an international match reached its pulsating climax, it would pose major problems.

“We are delighted that our systems have provided the technical backbone to Trent Bridge for another year, and have helped to keep an historic venue at the very forefront of technology.”

More information on the range of services offered by deeserve is available here.