Tasmanian trio Salliann Beams, Heather Graham and Rachel Priest have expressed their excitement ahead of a summer with Trent Rockets.

Head Coach Beams and overseas stars Graham (Australia) and Priest (New Zealand) spoke to the press Down Under before departing for the UK for the inaugural edition of The Hundred.

Graham and Priest, whos have been confirmed as international replacement players, believe they’re in good positions to have a prosperous summer on the other side of the world.

“This pre-season I’ve been focussing more on power hitting so hopefully that will put me in a good place,” said Graham.

“I went over to the UK a couple of seasons ago with the A team when the Ashes were taking place, and spent a summer playing for Essex as well.

“Cricket is always developing and it’s going to be a great learning experience for me and Priesty.”

Priest added: “I’m lucky to get the opportunity to go over.

“With the way the world is at the moment, chances like this, to go and play in a new competition and challenge yourself, don’t come around very often.”

Beams, who coached in the Lightning programme for many years before taking up roles in Australia, is especially excited to return to the place where she honed her coaching skills.

“I was flattered to be asked to coach Trent Rockets,” said Beams.

“As a coach you always want to challenge yourself and be involved in the best competitions with the best players.

“For the players in England, particularly the female players, it’s a chance to become professional and will be a great platform to grow the game.

“I’m very proud to have a couple of Tasmania players joining me who I know well, and whose roles in the side I know well too.”


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